SAM: artist or manager or both

I decided to use SAM as a way to show case my artistic side and have art for sale as well as be manager at the event. I think this might have been a bad move on my part, because it changed my perception of what it was to be successful. After thinking about the venture, I now believe that as entrepreneurs and as managers we were successful, despite not breaking exactly even. As a team, we all complimented each other very well, the day of the event went extremely smooth, we gained a lot of buzz and interest in possible future events, and at the end of the day we all still like each other.

I also feel that as an artist I was successful at the event. I sold a descent amount of my photos, talked to a few potential future customers, and was one of the highest grossing artists at the fair.

However, there is still a level of frustration and lack of feeling of total fulfillment. I think this comes from the fact that I always want to do the best that I can every time I am involved with something and the amount of time that I put into each of the areas that I was involved with SAM compared to the outcome was not what I hoped to achieve. I spent way more time creating sample dresses, compared to the amount of orders I brought in for them. I also feel I spent too much time creating a brand for myself that was not necessary, which was wasted time and wasting time feels like a failure to me. On the managerial side, I feel like my work getting the word out was also wasted because it was done too early and there was not as many people at the market as I, in my head, had hoped.

I think the lesson in this project for myself is the life lesson that I have been told many times, but have not been able to grasp: Only do what you can do. In the future, I think it might be best for me to not throw myself into multiple sides of a project, but focus on one aspect whole-heartedly, and if I can do more on the side, great, but it is not essential. In the end, I think this will make me feel more successful.


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