Customer segments at the gas station

As part of the SAM project I’ve thought a lot about how to engage particular types of audiences and different kinds of customers segments. This morning I had to stop at the gas station and as I was standing there, pumping my gas, I looked around and noticed the different types of customer segments that were also at the gas station. I began to wonder what it would take for me to market to each different customer segments that was around me. There was a Hispanic family of four individuals, a mom and dad and two young kids. There was also what looked to be three high school or college students in different cars, whom I assumed were friends, and were chatting with each other while they waited for their gas. Last, there was an industrial work/construction truck with two construction/manual labor men drinking coffee and chatting next to their truck while they waited. How could I sell SAM to each of these different customers segments?

For the Hispanic family of four, I would approach them by highlighting the fact that there would be pieces for under $30, great for people of all ages. For the high school/college students, I thought it would be more important to indicate the fact that the art pieces would be unique, like nothing that anyone else has, and they would be supporting other fellow students. Since I did not know the exact age of these what I assume to be students, I might first check to see how old they are to see if they’re actually college students. If they were, I would also spotlight the fact that it is at Casey Moore’s next to ASU, which might be enticing for college students. Finally, for the construction/labor workers, I would focus on the fact that there was going to be unique pieces of art but also the fact that it would be the perfect place to get holiday shopping done for their families way before the holidays. That way they would not have to deal with the madness that is Christmas shopping or holiday shopping during the end of November and December. As well as the fact that these types of gifts can not be found anywhere else and purchasing them would show they actually thought about what they were purchasing for their families, not the traditional things that they may always purchase.

From this experience, I thought it was interesting that just by looking at various customer segments the same one product could be marketed in very different ways and still have the potential to be effective.


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