The Final Countdown…

SAM: Student Art Market is coming up soon. Very soon.


As we dove into a week of tying up loose ends, I found myself remembering one of our first class periods. The reading that week pointed out the importance of choosing who you enter into a new venture with. As you hit obstacles, you’re going to want to have people by your side who can help troubleshoot, instead of leaving you alone to face the challenge. You want to have the type of team who will question how much work you’re taking on, not because they don’t think you’ll deliver, but because they actually care about your well-being and how far you’re willing to stretch yourself.

Throughout this process, we’ve all been pushed outside of our comfort zones. For some, that meant approaching our potential audience to pitch an idea. For others, it might have been helping to maintain a web site for the first time or building out 3 year projections. For me, it was learning to fully trust a new set of business partners. I’m accustomed to sharing major responsibilities with someone that I’ve been working with for nearly a decade. There’s a level of understanding, nuance, and safety that develops in that length of time. Although, I’ve known most of my team for about a year and a half now, the idea of creating a venture of this nature came with real risks. Would we make back our investment? Would people show up to the event? Would we all make it through in one piece? Would this project succeed or fail?

Our event is only 4 days away, and instead of feeling stressed out about the impending activities, I’m excited. While I know that our team is not only capable, but exceptional, it’s hard to predict how everything will turn out.

Stay tuned to find out next week!


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