Seeking student artists!

This week I:

  • Posted 8 ½ x 11 Artist Submission flyers around campus, all over the art building on ASU’s campus and at Cartel, the coffee shop next door to Casey Moore’s (the location of the market).
  • Emailed theatre professors and graduate students asking them to spread the word about artist submissions to their undergraduate students.
  • Emailed my circles of friends, fellow graduate students and student artists whom I had met previously to encourage them to submit their work.
  • Passed out 20 art submission small flyers and about 25 general SAM flyers to First Friday attendees in downtown Phoenix.
  • Left a pile of small SAM flyers at my yoga studio for fellow yogis to pick up.
  • Posted several Facebook statuses on the business page and invited every single Arizona contact I have to ‘like’ us.
  • Directly emailed the presidents and vice presidents of two campus art clubs to encourage them to submit art.
  • Spoke directly to approximately 10 potential student artists.

Guess which garnered the most interest?

You guessed it: talking directly to people is what hooks them. While walking around downtown Phoenix’s First Friday with Emily this weekend, artists really seemed interested as they heard more and more about SAM. Many of them weren’t students but had student children, student friends, student partners, etc., so I gave out a lot of flyers. Artists also perked up once they heard that we would set everything up for them and all they needed to bring was themselves and their art.

I also had the chance to talk to about 5 ASU student artists. Three of them are in one of my classes and I’ve been bugging them about SAM for weeks, but one of them happened serendipitously. I complimented her on her cool iPhone case, which, she informed me, she made herself.

I used to make these all the time and sell them on Etsy.

             A lightbulb goes on in Ashley’s head.

HEY! I’m in an Arts Entrepreneurship class and we are organizing an art market on November 22! You should totally sell these!

She told me to send her the info and she would definitely consider it AND pass it along to her friends.

Though emailing and social media takes time (oh so much time), ultimately, standing or walking around outside and talking to people takes even more time; time that graduate students don’t have much of. Nevertheless, if we really want a minimum of 15 artists to sell their work on the 22nd, we’ve got to keep talking to people directly.

Next week I will:

    • ASU Art building
    • In classes
    • At Cartel and Casey Moore’s
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About Ashley Laverty

Ashley is an M.F.A candidate in the Theatre for Youth program at Arizona State University. She received her B.A in Musical Theatre from Point Park University in Pittsburgh, PA. As an actress, Ashley has performed nationally for young audiences with the National Theatre for Children, VEE Corporation, Roxy Regional Theatre, Vital Theatre Company, and Storyland, a family amusement park. In Arizona, she teaches Musical Theatre and Acting classes and camps for children ages 3-16 at Childsplay, VOICES Studio and Homestead Playhouse. Ashley is interested in playwriting for a young audience, theatre for the very young and museum theatre. She works with the AZ Science Center and the i.d.e.a. museum.

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