Have you heard of SAM?

It’s funny how momentum can pick up on an endeavor like this.

After weeks of discussion about getting out of the building, and how to define our audience, we made some huge decisions over the last two weeks.

Our team came to a consensus to name our event SAM (Student Art Market), and by the end of one night of furious emailing, had launched a web site, a Facebook business page, and created an array of PR teasers to help promote our event. This is critical, because the event is soon, only a little over two weeks away.

This creates some real challenges with the process of developing customer relationships. Our goal, to get, keep, and grow customers is being pushed into an tight timeline, and we have to work our hardest to strike up meaningful conversations and connections that will translate to attendance at our event. This time crunch has also created the necessity for additional meeting times outside of class. We’re establishing a marketing plan, determining the logistics of the event, and beginning to map out our 3 year projections.

It’s exciting, to put it simply. We’re beginning to see these ideas snowball into a real event. It’s taking shape, and we’re the ones who are doing the shaping.



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