What’s in a Name?

When choosing a name for your business, is it better to go with what you like and know you can sell, or is it better to listen to your costumers and learn how to sell what they want? On the one hand, you are going to be the person who has to look at it and deal with it all the time, so it should be something you like. However, you also have to consider what your costumer likes hearing and what draws in their attention. What costumers do you listen to? Some of people might have conflicting ideas, and then what do you do?

Mollie and I decided to do the same process for coming up with a name for our venture that we did when we were in class suggesting venture ideas, by listing names on post-its and posting them to the wall. This time instead of using our own strengths as criteria, we used the key words that we have been discussing in class and tried to use them whenever we could. We then took these names and surveyed people about what they though of them.

My results were not what I was hoping for. Even though some people I surveyed did like a few of the names I liked, they did not like or mention my favorite name in their feedback. Not only that, but there was not a general consensus about one name, but instead people liked a few different names.

It is at this point that I wonder where does my vote count? I look forward to seeing what everyone else found out and to see the process we choose to pick our name.


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