Coming soon to a theater near you!

As a graduate student of dance responding to the question, “What is your creative practice?” becomes a daily conversation. In an effort toward authenticity and personal aesthetic many explorations ensue. In all of this investigation do I think about the audience? This question was really brought to my attention when Linda, my arts entrepreneurship professor, asked how different my art would look if I used effective entrepreneurship. Light bulb! To this question I would only be able to answer with assumptions. Beside my family fan club I have never canvassed a large group of potential audience members. This question was one of those questions where once I heard it I thought, “Why didn’t I think of that already!” The important aspect to remember is that this process of effective entrepreneurship is more than finding out what is trendy and replicating it. It would involve an inventory of my creative tools and resources and looking for connections that address the pains and/or gains of potential audience members. It would be a long conversation where my artistic vision and inspiration would be fed and directed by audience members. I have been to concerts where a feedback session breaks out right after the concert. This would be a feedback session before the concert. I imagine that many more profound and innovative new connections would be made in my work through this process. As I reflect I say to myself, “challenge accepted!” The next graduate show will be April 2015 and this business approach is what I will use in my process. Good things will be coming!


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