Our Criteria

Following the ‘Doability Chart’ laid out in Effectual Entrepreneurship, the five of us have decided upon the following criteria in order to decide upon a business venture:

  1. Is it doable?

  • Can we accomplish it with our skills in two months with $100?
(Or do we know people can and are wiling to help us accomplish it?)
  • Do we have the technology and marketing knowledge and capabilities to achieve this?
  • Is there an audience/market for this?
  1. Is it worth doing?
  • For the $? For our grad school student sanity?
  • Will we break even?
  • How many hours a week can we each commit to this project?
  • We promise to respect each other’s time!
  1. Can we do it?
  • Do we have the skills, time, resources, social capital to make this happen?
  • We will respect each other’s limitations!
  1. Do we want to do it?
  • We are striving for 100% consensus.
  • We promise to be genuine and honest about our passions!

1 thought on “Our Criteria

  1. lindaessig

    I imposed a criterion today drawn from the discussion we had in our first session: art / the arts must be at the center of the endeavor. This eliminated – at least temporarily – two of the four venture ideas that remained. I look forward to hearing about what people who don’t live with us in the sub-basement of the fine arts center think!



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