Which one to buy?

Forward: As I progress in my graduate level arts entrepreneurship class, I am finding my way of thinking is changing. Although I have always been a conscious consumer, especially when it comes to spending a considerable amount of money on any one thing, I am starting to realize I apply entrepreneurial tactics when I buy products as well. The following blog is an example. To emphasize this point, I will put entrepreneurial vocabulary and themes in parenthesize.

Although not arts related, as an entrepreneur I am fascinated by Apple. As I am slowly becoming more and more an Apple-product-owner, I am beginning to understanding why. Steve Jobs is one of the first names that comes to mind when anyone mentions successful entrepreneurs, at least to me. Aside from who he might have been as a manager, his designs created amazing, user-friendly products. You do have to spend the time to learn how to use the products efficiently, but if you do and can utilize the design, they are wonderful products. Even though I know Steve Jobs is not behind the designs today, I continue to love Apple products.

Because this is how I feel, it makes sense that I am very excited about the newest version of the Iphone, the Iphone 6, and have been researching it for 6 months…ok when I say 6 months, I really mean 18 months or so, and when I say researching I mean scouring the internet for detail I can find that might have unofficially leaked. Now, this could be fueled by my necessity for purchasing a new phone, as I was no where near as excited about the unveiling of the Iphone 5, or 5C/S, but it could also fueled by my continually growing fondness over their advancing technology. Either way, when the date was announced for the keynote address, it was penciled in to every calendar I own.

It was torture not watching the video all day. I did try a couple times, in between classes and meetings, but every attempt failed due to the internet connection or the to the Apple site, so out of frustration I decided to just wait until I got home. After an almost 3 hours of keynote presentation, I was not disappointed. The new phone upgrade was going to be everything I wanted: thinner, better and easier to use camera overall (customer demand). But, there was a wrench thrown into the mix, there are now two phones to choose from (customer choice), the smalle, yet larger than the current version, Iphone 6 and the larger, 5.5 inch screen, Iphone 6 Plus (Apple following the market). In my research, I had come across the possibility of there being more than one size phone, so it was not a surprise, however because it was now a reality, choice came in to play. I never thought I would be drawn to what they are calling a “fauxablet” or faux-tablet style phone, so when I initially read about the option, I simply dismissed it…that was until I was bombarded by mass media telling me how wonderful it was. Imagine having all of your devises all in one! A phone, a tablet, a kindle, an Ipod, a camera, and a multifunctional multimedia device. The convenience of smart phone just got more convenient (pitching). But how true is this? I figured all my questions would be answered once I felt how big and bulky the larger phone was in my hand. So, I waited painstakingly for another two weeks for the phones to be delivered to retail outlets so I could get my chance to compare the two side by side in my own hands.

Finally, Friday, September 19th came and I bee-lined to Best Buy after class where I figured my best chances were to get some quality time with the phones without interruption (location scouting). The moment they were placed in my hands was a moment of glory!…but not what I was expecting. I was instantly drawn to the larger size, how nice it was to look at photos and videos on a larger screen, how easy it was to read through email and search webpages. Interestingly enough, I realized after the fact I did not try out holding the phone up to my ear, nor did I try using it with one hand, two things I will most-likely be doing with my phone more so than taking photos or reading emails.

Even though I was certain having the phones in my hands would make the decision for me, when it came to fruition I still could not determine which was the best option for me. I spent about 30 minutes swapping the phones around with the other customers who were also there to get their hands on them testing the capabilities of the new features (product testing) and surveying the other customers about which phone they were going to choose and why (research and customer surveying), hoping their reasons would help sway my decision. No such luck. I left the store, no phone in hand, still conflicted about which one to choose.

Even in writing this blog 5 days later, my mind keeps swaying back and forth. As I recall my initial reaction to holding them in my hands, I find myself wanting the larger Iphone 6 Plus. But if I think about practicality, I know I should get the smaller Iphone 6. I guess it’s a good thing I have to wait another 2 weeks to get my rebate before I can purchase a phone. Hopefully by that time the choice will be clear.


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